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Beats Within You was created by Marvin Dias (a.k.a M.Class Dias) a producer, singer & songwriter, who's mission is to create music to inspire since 2011.
With training from Juno award winning producer Lonnie Zoke  & mentoring from Grammy award winner Inaam Haq  , Marvin Dias has successfully launched albums & singles which were well received in Us, Canada, Brazil, Europe & Asia.
A fully equipped audio recording & post production facility M.Class Dias Productions studios meets every project with expertise & creativity to ensure exceptional quality to industry standards.
Services include audio production, vocal training, mixing, editing & mastering. We also provide video production services, along with marketing advice & music business guidance.
Beats Within You caters to artists who are empowered to create original quality music on a budget, without the need of major record labels. Beats within you consists of a vast variety of contacts, which includes session musicians, professionals and engineers currently in the industry.
From Vocal guidance & training, multi track mixing, video production & creating original music, Beats within you studios can help any artist achieve their dreams & visions.
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