The Different Lease Types

The different lease types we offer are Non-Exclusive, Exclusive & Buy out. The 2 most popular lease types are Non-Exclusive and Exclusive.


Non Exclusive Rights

Non-exclusive Beats are sold for a set price of $150. The non exclusive lease allows you to have access to original beats to test out the song you write with. If you feel the beat you write with could be a potential hit, you should then buy the exclusive rights lease.


Keep in mind the $150 you initially spent on the Non exclusive lease will be reflected on the total cost of the exclusive lease. Let's just say for example, the  total cost of exclusive beat is $1500 plus taxes, the $150 you spent to test out the beat will be subtracted from the total cost of the exclusive beat. $1500 plus taxes - $150 = $1350. *ALL EXCLUSIVE BEATS ARE SOLD ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS*


When you purchase the exclusive lease, we then remove the beat displaying a "Sold" sign,  so no one else can purchase them.


When you purchase a beat under the non-exclusive lease , meaning, you are buying a lease (permission) to use it for your own personal use; you cannot use it commercially like streaming stores such as iTunes, apple music etc, or take it to a record label claiming ownership.


You can use the beat to make a song, and copyright your song with the lyrics etc.


Non-exclusive beat can be used for demos, mixtapes, public shows (talent etc), videos, contests, demo to show record label or , background music, instructional videos and tutorials.


We ask for a credit to be placed as a written/link with producer/site credit. i.e. Beat Produced By Marvin Dias (beatswithinyou.com)  MCLASSYD MUSIC PRODUCTIONS  Ltd.


Beats listed on site for sale on (beatswithinyou.com) are non-exclusive. This means that you get permission to sell it on your own or do shows or mixtapes etc, but are not allowed to sell it commercially.


If you want to own the rights to make a profit from our beats on a commercial level, you would need to purchase an exclusive beat rights (see below). This includes iTunes, YouTube Videos with Monetization, CDBaby sales etc..


When you purchase a non-exclusive beat (beatswithinyou.com) you will get a link after payment. You will then have 24 hours to download it as mp3 only.


Exclusive Rights

With the purchase of  an exclusive lease, you cant actually “own” the beat or instrumental. When you purchase the “exclusive rights” of the beats we sell, you get full permission from us to profit from it on a commercial level (sites like Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes and more)


The exclusive price on a beat varies depending on the time spent and the nature of the beat. Once the full payment of a exclusive beat is received. A contract will be sent to you to be signed and returned, once we get back the contracts; we will then ship the signed contracts and disk using Purolator mail and a signature will be required by you for it.


Once you buy exclusive rights, the beat will have a "SOLD" sign placed on the site temporarily until the contracts are signed and returned to us via mail. Please note that if contracts are not signed or agreed upon a 20% charge will be applied to the total cost of the exclusive beat and remainder of money will be refunded to you; the reason for this is to recoup for lost sales from other potential customers.


Once payments and signed contracts are received, the beat listed on site with "SOLD" sign ,will be removed completely and never again sold to anyone after that.


 If you feel like getting the rights to a beat you leased here's what you get on an exclusive purchase (listed below).


The cost of an exclusive lease is normally much higher than non-exclusive lease for music instrumentals/beats. This is so because the rights for an exclusive lease vs a non exclusive lease rights is different and is determined by the value for ownership of music vs non-exclusive, mechanical usage within the boundaries of the license agreement it was purchased under. The advantage of owning exclusive rights to music is the ability to sell the music commercially which in turn provides justification for the price being much higher. The music is also taken off the market so that nobody else can use the track without prior consent from the new rights holder upon executing the exclusive transfer of rights for the music.


 Prices for exclusive beat lease range from $1000 and up . (plus s&h)


  • 1. You get contracts to sell the track you make for profit.

  • 2. The beat is removed from the site so no one else can use it.

  • 3. You get un-compressed wav files.

  • 4. Separated production stems will be provided so you can re-mix or have it mastered professionally with your vocals.

  • 5. It’s also shipped on a customized M.Class Dias USB disk so you have a full backup of all files used for the track.


Non-exclusive tracks *DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO SELL YOUR TRACK FOR MONEY COMMERCIALLY*. They are also compressed mp3 files and are not high quality like the wav files.


Once payments are made, we’ll send you the contracts to sign and return. Once we get them back, we will ship a copy of the signed contract and USB disk using Purolator mail and you will be required to sign for it.


Please be advised, s&h fee will be applied as well.


Prices for worldwide s&h will vary because it’s expensive for us to ship the disk and get signatures in other countries.

Buy out 

If you want to purchase the beat with no royalties owed, then a “buyout” or "master license" is what you need. Buy outs are priced a bit more since the producer M.Class Dias will transfer the mechanical rights over and will no longer be able to lease or sell it. If you are interested in a buyout, please Contact us about it and we'll get you a price.

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